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2016 CSA

For those who are not familiar with a CSA, let me give you a brief description. A CSA is basically a contract between a farmer, and members, where the members pay an upfront fee and the farmer provides a weekly provision of the freshest produce to its members, for the 20 weeks term.

Benefits of a CSA Benefits for members:

Benefits for Stubbs Family Farm:

We love getting to know you and your family, and take great pride in being your Farmer. Now on to the specifics. Our CSA will run for approximately 20 weeks, beginning in May and ending around Oct. (depending on weather). The cost is $500, with $250 paid when you sign your contract, prior to March 31, 2016 and the balance due on or before April 15. If you purchase an egg share or request "To Your Door" delivery, those charges must be paid by April 15. You can choose to pick up your box at any of our locations. The day and location of pick up will remain the same for the entire season. Or have your box delivered right to your door (for an additional charge). If you would like to get some of your co-workers together, we will again offer free delivery directly to your office or place of business with a minimum of 5 participants. You can't get more convenient than that, go to work and take your fresh veggies home with you! If, for some reason, you are unable to pick up box, (vacation, illness, etc) someone else can pick it up for you, but you must notify us at least 24 hours ahead, with the name and phone number of who will be picking it up. If you cannot pick up your box and would like to donate it, we can deliver it to a homeless shelter, church, or to a family we feel will be blessed by your generosity. CSA members can buy an egg share for $70. This will get you one dozen eggs per week, delivered with your box. You can purchase 2 eggs shares for $140 to receive 2 dozen eggs per week.

We thank everyone who participated in our CSA this season. We hope you enjoyed your weekly box of goodies! We again will be offering a limited number of CSA shares, and 2015 CSA members will be given first priority. I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions.
Kathy Stubbs
FB: Stubbs Family Farm

Stubbs Family Farm
8625 Boomershine Road Germantown, Ohio
45327 (937)789-8028
e-mail: Kathy@stubbsfamilyfarm.com
website: stubbsfamilyfarm.com
2016 CSA Contract This agreement between you and Stubbs Family Farm is in effect upon our receipt of your signed agreement and payment of the deposit (or in full). You are signing up for the full season, which is 20 weeks, and no refund can be given for weeks that you miss your pick up or cannot make your pickup. Pick up: will be at the location most convenient for you, and will be the same location and day, for the entire season. If you are going to be out of town, you can designate someone else to pick up your share, or we will be glad to donate it to a food bank, church pantry, or a family in need, in your name. 10% Savings: At the time you pick up your share, you can purchase produce or baked goods at 10% off retail price. This applies to what is on hand only. However you can order baked goods ahead of time, and we will hold them for you, and you will receive your discount. You may also order larger quantities of certain produce (for salsa, or preserving, etc.) as available, and receive the discount. Discount is only available at the time of your share pick up and only for CSA members. Meat and eggs cannot be discounted. Deposit: A minimum of $250(Full membership) or $150 (1/2 Membership) must be paid, with your signed contract, before March 31, 2016. Balance due: $250 plus the cost of an egg share (if wanted) must be paid on or before April 15, 2016. Let us know if there is an item that your family is particularly fond of, or something you don't care for, and we will do our best to adjust your share accordingly. We use only non-GMO seeds and use the most natural, sustainable methods of growing we can. Our family eats what we sell. While we will make every attempt to grow the best quality and have an abundant harvest, nature does play a role in the growing season. We have learned to weather a draught, we had three years of that, but other things such as flood, too much rain and insects can also jeopardize a crop. Some crops may do very well, while others do not. Your share will be filled with a variety of the freshest produce available for the time of the season. By signing this agreement you understand how a CSA works (please ask if you have any questions). You understand the cost, pick up, and the growing season. Any and all payments are non-refundable. This membership is transferable with written notice. *****************************************************************************************************************************************
Full CSA membership (20 week share)$500.00$ __________
1/2 CSA membership (1/2 box for 20 weeks)$300.00$__________
Egg Share(1 dozen per week)$ 70.00___
Egg Shares @ $70 each$__________
To Your Door Delivery$100.00$__________
Total Due $__________
***************************************************************************************************************************************** Signature_________________________________________________________________
Please return and make check to:
Stubbs Family Farm
8625 Boomershine Road
Germantown, Ohio 45327
Thank you for trusting us to grow your produce, meat and eggs.

We are looking forward to a great year!
Kathy Stubbs 937-789-8028

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