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Stubbs Family Farm

In the spring we offer flowers, and plants, with cut flowers available late June.

The fresh produce usually starts around the first week of June, and is in full swing by the First of July.

In the fall we offer pumpkins, Indian corn, mums and other fall decorations as well as apples and grapes.

Stubbs farm was started in 1977. The family part was added starting in 1987 with the birth of our son Jacob, who is still farmin with us today.

Our goal is to bring you the freshest, highest quality produce. Most of our produce is picked the same day as it is sold.

Our meats are raised on corn and sunshine. WE do not use growth stimulators, or hormones. We only use antibiotics when necessary, and have not needed an antibiotic for any animal on the farm for the last several years.

We raise our produce and meats for our family to eat and enjoy, and sell you the same products I put on my family table each day. I want the best for my family and yours.

-Kathy Stubbs

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